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1 - Google acts to organise your life
Google has launched its latest salvo against rivals such as Yahoo and Microsoft, unveiling a free online calendar service. The web calendar lets people to store appointments, receive reminders and ......   التتمة التتمة
2 - British 'hacker' fears Guantanamo
A British man accused of being behind the largest ever hack of US government computer networks could end up at Guantanamo Bay, his lawyer has claimed. Gary McKinnon, from London, denies causing $70......   التتمة التتمة
3 - Texting takes off for pilots
Gareth Mitchell, presenter of BBC World Service technology programme Digital Planet, reports on an experimental system to bring text messaging to the flight deck. "Flight VS01 is holding its curren......   التتمة التتمة
4 - Natural light to reinvent bulbs
A natural light source that could put the traditional light bulb in the shade has been invented by US scientists. The organic light-emitting diode (OLED) emits a brilliant white light when attached ......   التتمة التتمة
5 - Iceland comes first in broadband
Iceland is most web-savvy country, with a study showing it has the highest concentration of broadband users. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development found that broadband was also ......   التتمة التتمة
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